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The best Monthly Car Hire firm in Dubai.

Dubai, a lovely and charming city, attracts millions of visitors every year. A significant expatriate population combined with the multitude of visitors causes a considerable toll on the transport sector. Major traffic snarl-ups and congestion are commonplace. Beat all this and enjoy your holiday and business trip by investing in a flexible, professional and dependable motor partner. Proxcar rental is the answer for all your luxury motoring needs.

Whether on business or leisure, monthly car hire in Dubai is the best option for you. Conquer the traffic and save your money by having a classy ride to cruise around town, go shopping, visit the desert or partake to the nightlife with no hustle. Spice up your holiday or business trip by traveling in style with top of the range vehicles. We boast of an Impressive collection of luxury cars fit for kings as well as for the budget spender.


Proxcar rentals offer you an exclusive array of vehicles for your personal or business use at affordable rates. Many car rental companies abound in the city, but for a Monthly, weekly or daily car hire in Dubai, none beats proxcar rentals. With a rental fleet spanning across all the major luxury vehicles brands, an extensive variety is available to you. All your motoring fancies and desires will be fully satisfied.

A team of extremely skilled and professional personnel is at your disposal, making your experience with our automobiles unforgettable. Comprehensive insurance is present on all our vehicles against accidents or damages. In case of a mechanical breakdown, our mechanical crew is permanently available and prepared to sort out all your issues. Our customer care team is highly trained and experienced to deal with any unforeseen emergency that may arise. Pricing is flexible with daily, weekly or monthly charges. Payment via credit card saves you the hassle and risk of carrying cash. Whether on a short or extended stay, our competitive packages will adequately cover all your transport needs. Our continuously-updated website means that online booking is available. We have embraced technology ensuring that e-commerce is our fort.

Proxcar rental offices are strategically located within the airport to offer greater convenience to you. Delivery of vehicles to your location is possible at an additional fee. Our rental policy is quite flexible to give you a customized and personalized plan. If you possess a valid driver’s license, then hiring our cars is a simple process. Although we have an age limit of 25 years, younger drivers can drive our cars for an additional fee. Multiple drivers registration on one car is possible. This service is to satisfy our clientele needs completely.

Cross border, travel to Oman with a prior two-day notice is possible. GPS is obtainable in all our offices to ensure our customers have the freedom and ease to navigate this beautiful city. We have a vast experience in the luxury motor Industry, and we aim never to disappoint.

Monthly car hire in Dubai has never been this simple and enjoyable. At proxcar rentals, we aim to deliver quality, timely and efficient services. Our customer’s pleasure is the core objective of our business.