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Dubai is a pretty powerful place and a very attractive place for all tourist to visit. It offers dozens of exciting places to explore that are quite photogenic. It has many places that look like a place you only get to see in movies or posters. It has amazing delicious Kuwait dishes that is mouthwatering. If you are someone how is more into travel and is hungry for such places then don’t worry Dubai will cure your hunger.

Every year many tourists from across the world come here to see another side of the world that is equally beautiful and definitely deserves a look. It has a wonderful architecture that is very famous even in big cities like Vegas, LA. Dubai has the best roads and made for most of the luxurious vehicles.


So why buy a car or taking public transport if you can rent a car that exactly fits your need. Travelling by taxi or public transport can bring bad experience… You have to wait for it and absolutely it dent your budget. Every time you change your plan or want to go to some other place you have to convince them to change their plan or you have to take another taxi.


As a tourist, who doesn’t know anything about the place it is pretty inconvenient as can be a bad experience. So it is advisable to all the tourist from other places to rent the small or luxurious car. It definitely saves money that you are going to spend on transport and is absolutely helpful. By renting you can go according to you. Plan as you want your trip and go where ever you want to go first. That absolutely doesn’t need anyone’s approval. This experience you will never forget because you will be the owner of your trip, not the taxi that you hired and this should be the ideal trip.

Experience the thriller of Dubai.Celebrate it like Celebrity.

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Hiring a luxury car from Prox Rentals LLC Company

Luxury rental cars are those vehicles that give prevalent extravagance and solace leased by clients, for the most part, having a place with the high-class people when they go on long voyages or away from business trips. The flavor up their experiences by having one of those luxury rental cars around. A definitive solace and tastefulness a person will feel while driving one of those luxury rentals will make it all worthy. Dubai is a standout amongst other vacation destinations. It draws in numerous voyagers. The place is rich in general excellence, and individuals run to it during holidays. You have to hire a luxury car If you want to enjoy this place.

Here are some different reasons why you should begin using luxury rental from Prox Rentals LLC Company on your next outing to Dubai:

Worth the Money

Utilizing a luxury rental car is constantly justified regardless of the cash you spend. The solace, fun, feeling of enterprise, fervor, feeling of satisfaction and achievement you will feel once driving it would be extremely valuable. So do your research, pick the rental you need and have a ton of fun driving!

Your Clients Need To Be Impressed

If you are off someplace for an away business trek or customer meeting in Dubai, why not enlist one of those luxury cars in Prox Rentals LLC Company? It will inspire your customers and enable you to pull Seeing you drive a luxury car in style will undoubtedly get you some genuinely remarkable impression. While inspiring potential or current customers, an auto of high quality is the approach. It leaves them a check that you are from an effective and awesome organization.


Bring Back The Romance

At the point when on a street trip with your life partner, there’s truly nothing more sentimental than driving around in one of those luxury cars, drinking champagne, and listening some encompass love music, and fundamentally encountering prevalent solace while driving in style. It won’t just awe the affection for your life, yet it will influence the day to spend together more one of a kind and significantly more exceptional than if you were driving a general vehicle.

Make Special Occasions More Special

Uncommon events like a wedding in Dubai is tied in with creating an impression which they accept will manage the whole situation of your wedded life. To ensure that you let your lady of the hour drive around with one of those rentals from Prox Rentals LLC Company. Being an uncommon event, it’s something that you need the general population to recall you by. Having an extravagance auto rental for the event will put forth a tremendous awesome expression to be recalled.

Do A Test Drive

You will without a doubt be captivated by the magnificence and polish of a luxury car that you might be enticed to simply purchase your own. But, before you do as such, look at one of the luxury cars in Prox Rentals LLC Company first. Test drive it for a few days, so you know whether you need to put your cash in it.

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How to choose Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai

Traveling by Economical Cars Rentals is always associated with style and luxury, but the cost of rentals makes it the least opted option among the clients. However, with rising competition and increase in the number of service providers have reduced the cost associated with it significantly. With a pool of Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai, you can now easily choose a wonderful package for you to enjoy with friends or family. But above all, you need to consider certain points in order to find a cost-effective Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai.


Most of the people think that hiring a luxury Cars Rentals Company is out of their budget and doing so can make a hole in their pocket so they should shift to simple car hire services. But interestingly most of the people don’t understand that the services are quite affordable now and the only required thing is to find a good service provider. The following are tips to choose Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai:

• The quality of services is of utmost importance hence, you should concentrate only on paying for quality services. The market is over-crowded by fraudulent entities who offer simple cars rentals. Hence, it is always recommended to consult your friends or family members who have already experienced these services. They will help you to choose the affordable yet qualitative services.

• Use the resources available on the internet to find a reputable service provider. But never get fooled by their alluring advertisements – like best services and jaw-dropping low prices. Rather visit their offices to check what exactly you will be riding in and for how much.
• It will be better to enlist some of the reputable names of the industry and then compare their price list as well as the quality of services by going through the customer reviews. Choose some of the names from the list available to you and then call or meet them personally to satisfy yourself with their services. It will not only help you to find affordable service but also the best one.

However, while choosing the Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai there are things to consider before hiring them.
• Type of Vehicle: Fist of all you need to decide what type of vehicle you want to rent. There are different types of vehicles ranging from normal cars to the luxurious cars. So, you need to rent those vehicles which are suitable for the purpose for which you are renting a car.

• Type of Occasion: Occasion or event is the other important thing which will help you to rent a particular type of vehicle. For e.g. if it is the marriage ceremony you must book a best economical luxury car.

• Seating Capacity: Seating capacity is another important thing which you need to consider. This depends on the quantity of people who want to travel and accordingly you can book a vehicle ranging from the number of people you are traveling with.

• Rental Rates: Last but not the least; you need to check the rental rates of the vehicles as money matters for all. To find the best prices, you can visit various stores and compare the prices and whichever you feel suitable, you can book that.

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Luxury and Exotic Sports Car Rental

Getting the best service in luxury and exotic sports car rental in Dubai could pose a problem at times. This is because the market is flooded with a lot of operators ditching out different kinds of services. But when you want to get the best out of your luxury car rental, one name stands above the rest, Prox Cars Rental.

Prox Car Rental, one of the topmost luxury car rentals in Dubai offers unequalled service in the luxury car rental business. The company is known for its unparalleled professionalism and incredible customer service. The company has built a reputation for quality and style with a customer centred service.

Prox Cars offers various luxury car rental packages with a large range of exotic supercars in their fleet. From the exotic Lamborghinis to Range Rovers, Mercedez Benz, Honda, you just name it and it’s yours for the taking. Their wide range of exotic and latest luxury car models ensures that your trip is made pleasurable as much as it can get. Prox Car chauffeurs are well-trained professionals that will provide you with a smooth ride without disrespect, following the ethics of their profession to the smallest detail to provide you with the best experience of luxury car rental throughout Dubai.

From Prox Cars Rentals, you could choose from their list of packages which include:
1-Daily Car Rental
2-Weekly Car Rental
3-Monthly Car Rental
4-Short term Car Rental, and
5- Long term Car Rental.

It all depends on your choice as the packages are tailored to suit your preferences to give you a memorable and peaceful ride.


Why You Should Use Prox Car Rental

Prox Car Rental is a company that is dedicated to providing excellent service.Hiring from a bad company may ruin your stay in Dubai as beautiful as things can get, but when your car rental is a reputable luxury car rental like Prox Cars, it makes everything easy and you have less to worry about.
Another reason you should get your ride from Prox Cars is the impressive condition of their fleet of cars. The cars are recent and latest models and are maintained at optimal conditions. This ensures you get a safe and smooth ride from these flamboyant beauties on wheels.

Also, the chauffeurs working with Proxy Car Rental are qualified professionals who are well versed in the rules of the road to ensure your safety. They are trained to make your ride throughout Dubai smooth and comfortable with their knowledge of every corner of the city to guarantee your comfort and ensure your trip is as pleasurable and comfortable as it can be.

Prox Car Rental also offers a breakdown recovery, this service ensures that you never get stranded whatever the case may be, the service is available around the clock, all day, so you know you are covered when you rent your luxury or sports car from Prox Cars.

How much do they charge?

The Lamborghini, the Ferrari, the Range Rovers and all other cars in our luxury fleet are all top of the block supercars.

Expensive cars that reek of elegance, class and prestige, but even so, Prox Car rental services are incredibly cheap and affordable and you begin to wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low, This is because our major aim and focus are on the delivery of quality and customer centred services.

At Prox Car Rental, our fulfilment lies in the satisfaction of our customers, and that is why we have a massive positive feedback review and rating from our customers.
Why not share in the experience of thousands of customers who enjoy our services every day?

Book your next car rental in Dubai with us and watch us take your ride to another level.

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The best Monthly Car Hire firm in Dubai.

Dubai, a lovely and charming city, attracts millions of visitors every year. A significant expatriate population combined with the multitude of visitors causes a considerable toll on the transport sector. Major traffic snarl-ups and congestion are commonplace. Beat all this and enjoy your holiday and business trip by investing in a flexible, professional and dependable motor partner. Proxcar rental is the answer for all your luxury motoring needs.

Whether on business or leisure, monthly car hire in Dubai is the best option for you. Conquer the traffic and save your money by having a classy ride to cruise around town, go shopping, visit the desert or partake to the nightlife with no hustle. Spice up your holiday or business trip by traveling in style with top of the range vehicles. We boast of an Impressive collection of luxury cars fit for kings as well as for the budget spender.


Proxcar rentals offer you an exclusive array of vehicles for your personal or business use at affordable rates. Many car rental companies abound in the city, but for a Monthly, weekly or daily car hire in Dubai, none beats proxcar rentals. With a rental fleet spanning across all the major luxury vehicles brands, an extensive variety is available to you. All your motoring fancies and desires will be fully satisfied.

A team of extremely skilled and professional personnel is at your disposal, making your experience with our automobiles unforgettable. Comprehensive insurance is present on all our vehicles against accidents or damages. In case of a mechanical breakdown, our mechanical crew is permanently available and prepared to sort out all your issues. Our customer care team is highly trained and experienced to deal with any unforeseen emergency that may arise. Pricing is flexible with daily, weekly or monthly charges. Payment via credit card saves you the hassle and risk of carrying cash. Whether on a short or extended stay, our competitive packages will adequately cover all your transport needs. Our continuously-updated website means that online booking is available. We have embraced technology ensuring that e-commerce is our fort.

Proxcar rental offices are strategically located within the airport to offer greater convenience to you. Delivery of vehicles to your location is possible at an additional fee. Our rental policy is quite flexible to give you a customized and personalized plan. If you possess a valid driver’s license, then hiring our cars is a simple process. Although we have an age limit of 25 years, younger drivers can drive our cars for an additional fee. Multiple drivers registration on one car is possible. This service is to satisfy our clientele needs completely.

Cross border, travel to Oman with a prior two-day notice is possible. GPS is obtainable in all our offices to ensure our customers have the freedom and ease to navigate this beautiful city. We have a vast experience in the luxury motor Industry, and we aim never to disappoint.

Monthly car hire in Dubai has never been this simple and enjoyable. At proxcar rentals, we aim to deliver quality, timely and efficient services. Our customer’s pleasure is the core objective of our business.

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Rent Economical Cars in Dubai

Dubai, sitting on the Persian Gulf is one of the most popular states in the United Arab Emirates and is also the fastest growing city in the world.

Today Dubai is famous for its artificial beaches, the tallest building in the world, housing the first seven-star hotel, and an extraordinary shopping extravaganza with its sprawling shopping malls. What makes the entire package even more exciting is that all this is in the center of a desert. So we know your stay will be great in this great city. But what else can make your stay great? Imagine getting access to a quick economical rental car that can take you from one tourist spot to another in just a couple of minutes. This is where many rental companies such as can come into play and be your partner in bringing the most economical rental cars to you wherever you need them and at the price you need them.

Looking for a luxury car at an affordable price? No problem as these guys will sort that out for you from a range of luxury cars and brands such as Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, etc. With economical rental cars in Dubai, you can be on the wheels the whole day traveling around this beautiful city and absorb the most of what Dubai has to offer – in culture, in food, in the sightseeing, in shopping and in every other aspect you can think of.


Whether you are in Dubai for a short holiday or a long-term corporate stay, your stay can be a comfortable one with a rental car. Life in Dubai is always easier, faster and convenient with an economical car rental. When you rent a car in Dubai, there is no restriction on how much you can drive and where you can drive. So be one of the 10 million visitors that Dubai sees on a yearly basis and make the most of your time in Dubai with a rental car.

Again, when you search the web for car rentals in Dubai, there will be many results and companies that will try to lure you with great prices and cars. But you cannot trust every company. It is important that you consider customer reviews and do your research well, so you can filter the best from all the crap and explore renting an economical car with them. As mentioned above, one such company is

These services offer great cars that are well maintained at very affordable prices. They also have a great range of cars from economical to luxury cars, so you will not be disappointed with what you want as you will always find the one that meets your requirements and matches your price range at the same time. These cars are also well maintained and regularly serviced, so you get the peace of mind when you are on the wheels with your family and enjoying the experience in this beautiful city.

As mentioned, not all rental companies are highly recommended by their clients, but that is where your research becomes utmost important and crucial. Some companies believe in superior customer service and those are the ones you can blindly trust for your next economical car rental in Dubai. So for your next-time car requirement in Dubai, you know you have got trusted partners that can work with you to find you the right rental car at the right price.

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Lease A Car In Dubai

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Don’t worry about cars.

You can now lease a car in Dubai according to your plans. Having a car makes your journey much better with new experience and freedom.

Leasing a car is not a headache as buying Airline tickets, you can cancel your bookings anytime without any penalty, it’s as simple as booking a hotel room.

You need to look for various aspects to lease a car in Dubai including best price, car conditions, terms of policy, etc. Finding cheaper cars is not that hard. Search on google or contact some leasing services for their quote.
But in most countries, you need to have a credit card to lease cars for security purpose, in fact, it’s not a big deal.

The rentals provide a bunch of facilities including self-pickup and drop services to save time. Many rental agencies include some packages for future bookings to benefit the customers with quicker reservations, cheaper prices, and special discounts.

You have hundreds of options to lease a car in Dubai from luxury to sedans or micro. You will always find something which is within your budget and requirements.The rentals start from AED 180 for Honda Accord to AED 2700 for Lamborghini Huracan.


Some of the car rentals in Dubai are is best Car Rentals Services Company in Dubai.

There are always age restrictions for rental cars according to the terms and conditions of the company and government. The companies provide insurance for any damages and may charge your credit card for the same even if you don’t need it.

Along with benefits, rental cars include many limitations starting from speed limit, a fixed number of drivers, free miles, etc.

The worst thing about leased cars is a late penalty. You always rent a car for a specific period of time, if you are late even by half an hour the company incurs massive additional fees. So make sure you are familiar with terms and conditions before getting your hands on with the car.

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Luxury For A Bargain

Dubai Car Rental company

Dubai is all about the best things in life. The scenic beaches, the amazing parties and the breathtaking cityscape, there is nothing that will cease to excite and intrigue you in Dubai. So why are you here only for sightseeing? Why don’t you add an element of extra thrill into your vacation with the cheapest luxury car rental company in Dubai.

We are, the only company that provides the most luxurious cars in Dubai for rent at a bargain price. No, you don’t have to pay us a fortune for driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini. We have the cheapest rates for car rentals in Dubai and we make sure that you feel like a king whenever you rent one of our cars. Our name is synonymous with affluence and wealth. Whether you want to attend a party in town or simply want to go for a quiet ride on the desert roads, just let us know and we will be taking care of your needs.

We are the cheapest luxury car rental company in Dubai but are cars are the top-end and the most recent models. If you don’t want to drive around town, we will even provide you chauffeur services so that you can have a good time with your friends or family. Our chauffeurs are trained to drive you around town safely and know their way in the town. Therefore, you can take them wherever you may want to and get safety and hospitality guarantee from us.

To book a car with us, simply drop a request on the website and we will get in touch with you in a split second. Our manager will ask for your details, your address, the number of passengers and the make and model of the car you are looking for. Upon finalizing all these details, the manager will personally ensure that a car stands at your doorstep at the designated time, with or without a chauffeur. You can take as long a lease as you may want. Once your trip is over, our chauffeur will simply drive the car back to us. If you drive the car, we will send a chauffeur to pick up the car.

This is the simplest way to enjoy a luxurious vacation in Dubai without worrying about hiring cabs. Just get a car of your own and drive it the way you like. Make this your best vacation in Dubai.

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Dubai On A Budget? No Problem


Coming to Dubai? Welcome from, the best place for economy car rentals Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most special places in the world to be. From high-rise buildings to man-made islands in the heart of the ocean, you will find anything and everything you have imagined in this mystical land. Dubai is not just a city, it is a place where imagination meets reality. An ice rink in the middle of the ocean? Yes, it is here in Dubai and there is nothing that will beat the experience you have in this splendid place. Just wish for something and you will find it already exists in Dubai? Isn’t it a dreamland?

Travelling in Dubai can become a headache for many visitors. There is no point in visiting Dubai if you don’t ride a car of your own on the mesmerising desert roads and enjoy the landscape. Often, visitors get so lost in the beauty of this city, that going for a car rentals becomes an expensive luxury. Don’t worry. As long as you have by your side, you will never have to worry about it.

We have the best and the widest selection of economy car rentals Dubai. Our cars are beautiful, top-class models that are always well-maintained by our staff. Our economy car rentals are not just ordinary cars in ordinary cities. You are in Dubai and that is why even your economy cars would be Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs, Fords, and Honda sedans.

Yes! You are right. You will get the best of the cars that Dubai has to offer at very economical prices. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the luxury of Dubai. You can do it whenever you like and that too at the fraction of the cost that are originally charged for them.

We told you that Dubai is the city of dreams. Now you can enjoy the city in your favourite car and pay a small cost for it. The car is all yours. Drive it wherever you want and enjoy with your friends and family. It takes time to appreciate the beauty of various tourist attractions in Dubai. Having a car of your own will only double the fun. Isn’t this a great option? It is like living in your own city with your own car. There is truly nothing better than economy car rentals Dubai. Contact us today!